Sunday, July 12, 2009

A good day.

I cleaned out my closet today. There's things to donate, things to go to a garage sale in Folsom, and things to bring down to Crossroads Trading. Whoo. Who knows what goodies Crossroads holds? I'm in the market for a pair of dark wash straight/skinny jeans that aren't short on me. It's going to be fun lugging that bag onto Westcat and through BART. At least it won't be during commute hours.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

In The Beginning

There were some words. They ran together and made a post. The end.

Well, now what? Perhaps this won't fall to the vast edges of cyberspace like the ill-fated geocities page (we shall not go there) or the many fads - xanga, myspace, what-have-you.

God, what do I put here? Well, for starters, I'm moving off to college in late August. I'm either between total zenlike calm or panicking about what I'm actually going to study.

Perhaps this will become a blog of what I do (or don't do) every day. Perhaps it'll be purchases, things I ate, things I made. But be sure that it won't become some LJ drama whinefest.