A Nice Glass of Wine. Digital photograph. Marin 2009

Living the Dream. Digital photograph. Marin 2009

Doggie Diner is Watching. Digital photograph. El Cerrito 2010

Laffing Sal. Digital photograph. El Cerrito 2010

Crusted Filth. Digital photograph. Hercules 2006

 Open Pores. Digital photograph. Philadelphia 2006

Gateway to Another Day. Digital photograph. Philadelphia 2006

The Sharp Edge of Reality. Digital photograph. Hercules 2005 

I Sold my Soul for Red Soles. Digital photograph. Hercules 2009 

Eckleburg 4. Darkroom photogram. Oakland 2010 
Untitled Photogram. Darkroom Photogram. Oakland 2010 

Forestville Blues. Darkroom Print. Forestville 2010

Late-Night Cinderella. Darkroom Print. Oakland 2010

Frozen in Time. Darkroom Print. Oakland 2010

 The Seduction of Water. Darkroom Print. Oakland 2010 

Nova. Darkroom print. Oakland 2010.

light/dark. Darkroom print. Oakland 2010.

light/dark ii. Darkroom print. Oakland 2010.

like what you see? contact lizz[dot]rinker[at]gmail[dot]com. I exhibited at Artisans Gallery as an honorable mention in San Rafael in 2006 and at Sam the Butcher Gallery in San Anselmo in 2007, selling three of my six framed 11x14 digital prints.