Friday, January 22, 2010

Class Review

or, "Why I will punch every single one of you in the face."
Yes, I am going to talk about my classes in terms of why I will punch people in their faces.

French 4 - Good ol' French class. Not much to say here. Why I will punch you in the face: During a particularly heated discussion of group work I will snap.

Personal Defense for Women - I cannot wait to start learning self-defense. I always try to look like I'm "walking with a purpose" and I know where I'm going even if I'm not. I learned this a while back. I can't quite pinpoint when. Perhaps it was growing up with a mom who'd shout "Pick up your feet!" when I'd drag my shoes along (thanks for that, mom. You've saved me so much wear and tear on my shoes), or maybe it was learning ballet. Maybe it was when I bought my first iPod and I didn't want to be anybody's target. Maybe it was when I wanted to show the world that I was put together even when I thought the world was dissolving beneath my feet. Why I will punch you in the face: Self-explanatory.

Art of the Modern World - Oh my god, I'm in love. Art history that I feel is more relevant to me? Sign me up! Why I will punch you in the face: The book. Dear god, the book. I will punch this $123 soft-cover thousand-paged book in its face.

Film in American Society - Three-hour twice-a-week Burke class. I love this man. His passion for his subject keeps my interest even when he goes on his crazy tangents that he somehow manages to lead right back to the start. Why I will punch you in the face: During a particularly spirited reenactment of the Sonny-beating-up-Carlo fight from "The Godfather" I will accidentally hit you. Sorry.

Aesthetics - I have never felt so grossly mislead. The course description sounded like it would be an exploration of why we find the things we find beautiful, the meaning of beauty, and all that.
Well, I was wrong. What I remember from the time I was there was our prof talking about how a good dictionary would be a good investment.
"But what about the changing definition of words? I mean, nemesis doesn't mean what it used to."
Oh god.
"Why do we use words anyway? What is the point of words?"
Get me out of here.
The same three or four people keep talking out of their pretentious asses. I sit in the corner and contemplate suicide by pencil. I don't last the two and a half hours and choose to duck out during break. Someone else can take my spot. Please, take my spot. Why I will punch you in the face: You will drive me up the wall as you muse on the meaning of words like "dictionary," "nemesis," and "the." Then I will punch you in the face.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, so much for posting.

Life happens. Today was my first day back in classes. Yesterday I moved in again and I can say it's nice to be back. Break was great, don't get me wrong. I just tend to go a little stir-crazy after a while. I finally replaced my aging G4 Powerbook with its awesome battery life of about 3-5 minutes max with a kickin' rad Macbook Pro. I got my wisdom teeth out and I can say that's a relief. For a while I was grinding my teeth pretty seriously in what I can assume was an involuntary pain management attempt. I like being able to sleep without grinding my teeth like an e-tard now. I got a tattoo, I played video games, and I churned out banana bread muffins like nobody's business. If there is anything I missed while at college, it's cooking.